ALBUS INDUSTRIES, established in 2011, evolved from two companies.


The first is Kentan Engineering, which had been in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling components such as busplugs, busbar support systems and insulation to the electrical switchboard industry for 25 years. The other company is Sterling Electro Plating P/L, which has provided plating services to industry and the public for 12 years. Through its industry affiliations, it is also allied to the powder-coating industry.


From these two companies emerged ALBUS INDUSTRIES, which is set up for the specific purpose of promoting and marketing the busbar insulation and plated aluminium busbars to the electrical switchboard industry. ALBUS INDUSTRIES combines the relevant resources of both companies to market its innovative products to existing Kentan Engineering customers, and the industry in general.


ALBUS INDUSTRIES is a member of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) whose head office is in the USA.